Hello PicCal!

PicCal (iOS App)

As they say, picture is worth a thousand words.
Keep your days in mind, as though it were yesterday, by saving a picture each day.
You can recollect monthly picture calendar as a new image and send to friends by E-mail or Facebook.

* Features

– Easy to add daily picture.
– You can send monthly PicCal image to photo album and friends.
– You can send daily picture and note by E-mail.
– You can share PicCal image to Facebook.
– Monthly view/ Daily view/ List view
– Monthly Report

* Screenshots

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4 responses to “Hello PicCal!

  1. We featured PicCal as one of our “Surprisingly Educational” apps on our “appy hours 4 you” blog talk radio show today (Thursday, November 17th): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/techchef4u/2011/11/17/surprisingly-educational-apps-part-2

    We discussed how the app can be used educationally across content areas and with multiple grade levels. The show is also available directly from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appy-hours-4-u-blog-talk-radio/id475247820

    Would love for you to tell us what you think of our PicCal segment. I will also have a blog post to correspond with the episode (posted later this week) on http://www.techchef4u.com.

  2. Setsu

    I’m in trouble. I downloaded PicCal Pro, and I can’t find out how to move pictures and data from PicCal Lite to Pro. Could you explain that?

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